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Our Tours : Other Regions of Cambodia

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Siem Reap International Travel proposes you the discovery of other regions and other places of Cambodia with programmes tailored to each destination.

Most of the regions are now completely accessible, secured and open to tourists but as the local infrastructures, in term of Tourist Office, local guides, detailed maps... are still very poor outside of Phnom Penh and Angkor, the departure routes will be from one of these towns, accompanied by a guide familiar with the area visited.

For all the reasons stated above, it is difficult for us to propose standard tariffs fitted to each destination. So, thank you to inquire for a personalized study of your request.

Our tours

Song Saa island

Song Saa will seduce you. Lay your luggage on that enchanting island and let yourself be lulled by the trade winds. Bed & Breakfast
From US$1278/villa base 2
All taxes included

 Камбоджа праздники
Temples, lake, sea
A complete and seductive tour for new horizon lovers. 15 days in Cambodia.
From US$1655/pers base 2
All taxes included

 travel in cambogde
Cambodia - land and sea
An appropriate program in 8 days to discover all the facets of Cambodia, from the Angkor's temples till the China sea.
From US$754/pers base 2
All taxes included

 visit angkor
Phnom Penh - Angkor
The 2 main destinations to understand Cambodia and its richness of the past with 3 to 8 days tours.
From US$324/pers base 2
All taxes included

 Kambodscha Urlaub
Angkor Classic
Angkor World Heritage from 2 to 7 day tours to visit the whole park
From US$274/pers base 2
All taxes included

 Angkor's temples
Kompomg Phluk village
One-day excursion to that so surprising fishing village, excellent alternative to the daily temples.
From US$80/pers base 2
All taxes included

 Kambodscha Urlaub

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